Why it’s time to start making your Facebook Reviews a priority

If you watched the Four Corners investigation into Facebook a few weeks back, you’ll have seen just how much progress Mark Zuckerberg has made in achieving his goal of ensuring that when people go online, they spend most of their time in Facebook. If you didn’t see the investigation, then you can watch it here Four Corners Report on Facebook

In fact, a SENSIS report published in May of 2016 found that Australians spent an average on 12.5 hours a week in Facebook, up by a whopping 4 hours from the same time in 2015. Way to go Mark!!! Now, if you assume that the average Australia sleeps for 8 hours and works for 8 hours, that means that the average Australian Facebook user spends just under 25% of their ‘disposable’ time Facebooking. That’s staggering, and by the time the 2017 Sensis Social Media Report comes out later this year, I reckon this percentage will be much higher still.

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This insight becomes even more significant when you take into account that up to 25% of Australia Facebook users routinely use the service as a key mechanism by which to locate, evaluate and interact with business organisations of all sizes. This includes the making and execution of buying decisions.

Therefore, taking full advantage of your business presence in Facebook is now an essential requirement to your ability to acquire new leads and convert these into paying customers. Over the coming weeks, I discuss a myriad of ways in which you can maximise your use of your Facebook business page to generate high-quality enquires. Today, I start out with taking suggesting that you take maximum advantage of Facebook reviews.

Compelling Social Proof

Your prospective customers value social proof very highly when deciding “if” they should do business with you. Where such social proof is lacking or completely absent, contact is rarely made. Your Facebook Customer Reviews and Average Rating are the “most compelling” form of social proof you can offer!

Key Credibility Indicator

A high number of positive Facebook Reviews accompanied by a high Average Facebook Rating is one of the most persuasive “credibility-indicators” your business can display. It’s these that tell potential customers that other people ‘just like them’ have found your products and services to be “trustworthy, professional and competent”.

Powerful Influencer of Buying Decisions

Numerous research studies have shown conclusively that 90% of people who make online purchasing decisions are “strongly influenced” by the positive reviews they read about the product, service or business concerned. Further, it has been found that 94% of online customers are willing to contact a business with a star-rating of 4 or higher, and that 88% trust Facebook reviews as much as personal recommendations. Perhaps the most important statistic that only 10% of Facebook users would consider contacting a business with no reviews at all!

The go-to option for business reviewers

68% of Australians who wish to review a business seek to do so on Facebook “first”. This is because Facebook is a very easy and accessible place for people to review you and make their opinions known because they spend most of their online time in there anyway.

So if you’re not taking full advantage of Facebook reviews, I suggest you attend to this issue as a matter of priority. To ignore their effective use is to allow a massive number of potential enquiries to go begging.


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