WordPress Warrior Website Development FAQs

WordPress Warrior Website Development FAQs

Q: How long has your business been operating?

A: WordPress Warrior commenced trading in September, 2013. Prior to that, I worked as a web busines consultant and trainer in the corporate world for over 15 years at organisations such as Edith Cowan University, ATI-Mirage and INPEX Oil & Gas. To peruse the full details of my web business background and experience, please inspect my LinkedIn Profile.

Q: Do you have examples of projects that you have undertaken that I can inspect?

A: Yes. You can peruse the WordPress Warrior’s list of Projects Completed 2015.

Q: Can I contact your clients for a reference?

A: Yes, by all means.

Q: Based on my requirements, are you able to supply a fixed price quote to deliver the project to completion?

A: Yes. All projects are quoted on with a fixed agreed price upon acceptance. This price only changes if the your requirements change once the project has started.

Q: What is the estimated timeline for a small business website project?

A: Most small to medium business website projects take approximately 30 days to complete and deliver. However, those sites with more complex requirements may require up to 45 days to deliver.

Q: Once my project is complete, what support structures do you have in place?

A: Once your project has been completed and the agreed fee paid in full, you then go onto my Priority Customer List. This means that you can call upon me as required to perform further work for you at a pro-rata rate of $100.00 per hour inc GST. This work is time sheeted, and you are then invoiced as applicable at the end of each calendar month.

Q: Will I have the ability to manage my content on my own with limited web skills?

A: Yes, which is precisely one of the reasons I love WordPress so much. If your development contract with WordPress Warrior includes an onsite training component, you will be given the skills necessary to perform day-to-day maintenance tasks on the website yourself. Most of my clients in fact very much value this option, because they don’t have to call upon me every time they want to add a new page, upload a picture or publish a new blog post, and so on.