You must have a compelling USP if you are to attract ideal prospects and persuade them to part with their hard-earned cash to buy your product or service.

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a short, concise statement about what makes your product or service special and why customers should buy from you rather than from your competitors. For Bunnings it’s Cheapest Prices Are Just the Beginning, for Jim’s Mowing it’s Need It Done? Jim’s the One! and for Lube Mobile it’s The Mechanic That Comes to You. Just about everybody recognises these companies and what they’re all about simply because of the communicative power of the USPs they have crafted.

Just as is the case with these business success stories, the USP you use is critical to your success as well. In fact, the message your USP conveys in those brief seconds a potential customer pays attention to it will determine if they pick up the phone or summarily ignore you and move on. This zero sum game of winning or losing a potential customer in little more than the blink of an eye is the brutal reality of doing business online, so getting your USP right is of critical importance!

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An effective USP directly addresses a specific need or want your target customer actually has, stated in language they understand and which triggers an emotional response. When cleverly crafted, your USP will also clearly emphasise what differentiates your business from your competitors.

For example, a fashion company I do work for from time to time called Dale and Waters, work exceptionally hard at powerfully crafting all of their marketing messages and definitely reap the rewards for doing so, because they are very successful. Their USP, which states Real Clothes for Real Women conveys a very meaningful message to their target customer, at both the explicit and implicit level.


Just as importantly, this USP is built in to all of their marketing materials and messages, not least of which is their company logo. This is an absolute must, as binding your USP inextricably with your overall company brand is an essential component to success.

Sometimes an outstanding USP is all it takes to get the attention of your target customer online, however, its effects are greatly enhanced when accompanied by a short, concise and easy to understand list of benefits your product or service will provide them upon purchase.

Most importantly, these benefits must be stated in a way that resonates perfectly with your target customer’s thinking. There’s quite an art to this, and you often have to think beyond the obvious to really get at what benefit statements are really going to get a prospective customer excited.


As you can see in the Facebook ad I created for the good people over at Property West, the USP and supporting benefits are very clearly and simply articulated. Their USP Your investment in our hands will resonate powerfully with anyone who owns an investment property and want it looked after well by a property manager. Further, the supporting benefits listed not only reinforce this message, but add to it by emphasising cost and service advantages as well.

My own USP and supporting benefits are built into all marketing materials I put out there; in fact, they are built into the Photoshop templates I use to make sure they are consistently communicated across all channels, in particular, the social media channels I use most extensively.

So how’s your USP and supporting business benefits looking in the context of the points I’ve made above? Feel free to reach out because I love the challenge of taking bland and boring USPs (and supporting benefits) and converting them into powerful attention grabbers. It’s what I do instead of watching the Chaser 🙂

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